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BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool

Who we are

We have been working in BI, Finance and Marketing for more than 10 years, always in subscription businesses. We saw physical goods and software, monthly and yearly subscriptions, B2B as well as B2C, worked in small start-ups and MDAX enterprises. We understand the challenges that are specific to subscription businesses in the areas of accounting, payment, reporting and many more. We know the journey of the data from the database behind the ERP all the way to the slide of the Investor Relations team. As part of our expertise, we have developed a robust data platform that seamlessly integrates and consolidates all the relevant data sources, providing comprehensive insights and analytics for subscription businesses.

Our vision

In all the companies we worked for building BI and Reporting was part of our jobs and we often did it from scratch. But we also realized: The data is always different, but the Dashboards look quite similar. We also realized that all the reporting tools on the market come with zero reports. So we decided to build a data platform that is taking over the parts that everyone has to do so that you can focus on the analysis and decision making.

Let's get started!

How do we start working together ?

BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool

Initial Call

Once you reach out to us, we will schedule a call to understand your needs and requirements.

BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool

You get a proposal

Based on your input, we will send you a detailed proposal, including the pricing.

BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool


You and your team will be able to test everything before you make a decision.

A man and a woman sitting in front of a Qmantic dashboard, attentively observing the displayed information. The dashboard showcases various data visualizations, charts, and graphs representing key metrics and insights.