Phelina AI: Your on-demand data expert

Accessible Data Dialogue, Anytime: Talk to your data naturally with Phelina, available 24/7.


How it works?

Any Query

Answers any question with data from your Data Warehouse (DWH).

Every Chat

Integrated into Slack or MS Teams; no additional tools required.

Always There

Automatically analyzes your data structure and content.

Any Database

Works with any Database (DB) or Data Warehouse (DWH).

Phelina at a glance

SImple No-code setup

No coding required to get started. Teams and Slack integration out of the box. Connect with any database.

Let us do the work

Qmantic offers simple no-code connectors. All you have to worry about is what to ask our chat Phelina. Seamlessly integrated in Teams or Slack.

Unlimited users
€99 /monthly

For a limited time we offer Phelina for a exclusive low price.

Flexible Price options

If you like Phelina you can have a look at our packages below. For additional tokens simply reach out.
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GDPR compliance

Our servers and incorporation is in Germany within the EU.


At Qmantic we value our users privacy, therefore none of the conversations you have with Phelina is used for training. Qmantic is european and must comply with EU GDPR legislation and maintains a strong IT security posture

Phelina is where your users are

Not only do we support Teams and Slack integration effortlessly. We also offer a JS widget.

Internal & external users

Phelina can easily work with both internal and external users by placing our JS widget on any website you find useful.

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Want to experience it yourself?

We created a demo company so you can test our AI analyst with its data.