For Start-Ups

Are you in search of effective data solutions for start-ups? It’s a well-known fact that start-ups often face budget constraints when it comes to hiring a dedicated business intelligence (BI) team. Nevertheless, the demand for connected data insights remains paramount to ensure their success.

Service to Portfolio Companies

Qmantic specializes in providing data solutions for start-ups, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of their target customers. By offering insights into customer behavior, preferences, and needs, Qmantic empowers start-ups to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, with a range of dashboards focused on customer acquisition, retention, and upselling, Qmantic equips start-ups with the tools they need to optimize their customer strategies.

In addition, Qmantic goes the extra mile by offering cohort-based customer dashboards. These dashboards allow start-ups to gain valuable insights into the distinct needs and behaviors of various customer groups, including those acquired through different channels.


Monitor performance

 Start-ups need to closely monitor their performance to identify areas for improvement and optimize their operations. In this regard, Qmantic helps start-ups track KPIs such as sales, revenue, customer retention rates, and website traffic to measure their progress.

Identify trends and opportunities

Qmantic can help start-ups identify new opportunities for growth. By analyzing data from different sources, start-ups can uncover patterns and insights that can help them stay ahead of the competition.

Manage resources efficiently

 Start-ups have limited resources, and they need to use them efficiently to achieve their goals. Qmantic can help start-ups identify areas where they should cut costs, optimize operations, and improve efficiency.

Moreover, Qmantic is delivering insights “as a service”, meaning we create and adapt dashboards according to your needs. Example use-cases are:

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