Insights as a Service

Introducing “Insights as a Service,” a comprehensive solution that provides you with ready-made dashboards and automated reporting capabilities, delivering valuable data-driven insights tailored to your company’s needs.

Furthermore, during the set-up phase, we will collect data from your operational systems and build a data warehouse for you. This data, linked together and aggregated, then forms the basis for visualizations, reports and dashboards.

BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool

Our extensive collection of templates covers a wide range of standard business cases, including Finance, Marketing, and Sales. These templates empower you to find answers to crucial questions such as:


  • Revenue Performance: Is your revenue development aligning with your plans and objectives?
  • Customer Acquisition: Where do your customers originate from, and what are the associated acquisition costs?
  • Customer Cohorts: Are your customer cohorts improving over time, indicating positive trends?
  • Net Retention Rate: What is your current net retention rate, and what factors contribute to it?
  • Marketing Investment: How much is your organization investing in marketing, and what is the return on this investment?
  • Sales Pipeline: Gain visibility into the status of your sales pipeline and forecast the closure of deals.


Experience the efficiency and power of automated reporting for your business today.

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BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool

Initial Call

Once you reach out to us, we will schedule a call to understand your needs and requirements.

BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool

You get a proposal

Based on your input, we will send you a detailed proposal, including the pricing.

BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool


You and your team will be able to test everything before you make a decision.

A man and a woman sitting in front of a Qmantic dashboard, attentively observing the displayed information. The dashboard showcases various data visualizations, charts, and graphs representing key metrics and insights.