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Dive into our interactive demo dashboards and see how Qmantic can revolutionize your data analytics. Our demo is based on a simulated SaaS company with daily updated data.

A dashboard showcasing two visualizations. The first is a line chart representing the Monthly Net Revenue Retention (NRR) over time. The second visualization is an MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) bridge chart.


Qmantic offers an immediate snapshot of your SaaS business. For example, our customizable MRR bridge chart allows you to view subscription performance details, including, FX effects, downgrades, upgrades, upsells, price changes, net new business, and churn.

BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool

Sales Performance

The sales funnel is important to understand where your sales organization can improve. Qmantic offers a daily-updated overview customized to your own KPIs and metrics, allowing your sales leaders to quickly discern what to focus on and easily forecast sales.

Qmantic -Marketing Performance Overview

Marketing Overview

The Qmantic platform can provide you with a full marketing overview, which can include attribution channels, ROAS and CAC. With the marketing overview you will be able to see where your customers are coming from and which channels are most profitable.

What our Customers say

A sales funnel dashboard providing an overview of the sales pipeline.

Qmantic's Advanced Features at Your Fingertips

Experience the power of the Qmantic platform, tailored to provide you with custom dashboards and overviews that you can organize to your preference. Our features include:

  • Filters: Enhance your data exploration with Qmantic’s intuitive filters. Focus on specific data subsets to unveil insights that matter to you.
  • Time Range: Easily filter your data based on specific durations and get an instant snapshot. Whether you need an overview of last week’s billings or another time period, Qmantic has you covered.
  • Time Grain: Adjust the granularity of your data view, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. Toggle the grain and watch the same data unfold in a myriad of ways, revealing unique perspectives.
  • Drill-Downs: Dive deeper into your data with Qmantic’s drill-down feature. Explore the components of your data in detail, tailored to your specific requirements.

To get a firsthand experience, we’ve set up a live reporting environment filled with demo data, showcasing some of our foundational dashboards.

Gain Insights on Crucial Business Metrics with daily updates

Understanding revenue trends is vital for any business, offering insights into customer behavior and market shifts. These patterns guide strategic decisions, highlighting growth areas and challenges. Enter Qmantic: more than just a tracking tool, it deciphers revenue data, turning it into actionable insights. With Qmantic, businesses don’t just see their earnings; they truly grasp their financial landscape, enabling informed strategies for a brighter future. In essence, Qmantic transforms raw revenue data into a roadmap for success.

Grasping customer acquisition costs (CAC) is crucial, as it directly impacts profitability and growth strategies. A clear understanding of CAC ensures efficient resource allocation and optimized marketing efforts. Qmantic elevates this understanding. Instead of mere numbers, Qmantic provides a deep dive into CAC, enabling businesses to pinpoint their most cost-effective strategies. With Qmantic, it’s not just about knowing the cost, but mastering the nuances of customer acquisition, setting the stage for sustainable growth.

Understanding product performance is pivotal for business growth. It reveals what resonates with customers and what needs refinement. A clear grasp of this drives innovation and market relevance. Qmantic amplifies this understanding. It doesn’t just present data; it offers insights into product strengths and areas for improvement. With Qmantic, businesses can delve deeper into product metrics, ensuring they’re always aligned with market demands and poised for success.

Grasping regional sales data is essential, shedding light on market dynamics and customer preferences across geographies. It informs targeted strategies and optimizes resource allocation. Qmantic enhances this comprehension. Beyond just displaying data, Qmantic provides in-depth insights into regional sales trends, pinpointing areas of opportunity and growth. With Qmantic, businesses gain a sharper lens on their global footprint, ensuring they cater effectively to each region’s unique demands.

Understanding marketing performance and attribution is key to optimizing campaigns and maximizing ROI. It deciphers which strategies drive results and where investments yield returns. Qmantic elevates this insight. Instead of sifting through data, Qmantic offers clear analyses on marketing efficacy and source attribution. With Qmantic, businesses can fine-tune their strategies, ensuring every marketing dollar is effectively spent and every success accurately attributed.

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We created a live reporting environment with demo-data where you can experience some of the basic dashboards. These are dashboards that are typically filled with your own data to form a starting point for your BI project. 

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