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Business Intelligence tools serve three functions:

Getting the data in one place and connecting it

in a meaningful way

However, using a CSV file as a solution may seem time-consuming and require starting from scratch for any updates. Sometimes, people refer to this process as data integration services, but it essentially means the same thing: gathering tables from various sources and connecting invoices to customers, marketing campaigns to orders, and so on.

The goal of this step is to ensure data availability. That’s why we call this part of the Qmantic toolset the “Data Availability Service”. Once this step is complete, business users with basic SQL knowledge can access the data and begin addressing inquiries.

BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool

DIY Reporting Suite

For typical end-users, SQL is not the ideal method for accessing a database. Additionally, there is a need for sharing results with others, automatic updates, and even sending reports via email. At this stage, it becomes essential to utilize a data visualization tool that provides drag-and-drop functionality to create reports and dashboards.

Plus, role-based access management, SSO integration, and many other features are needed in an enterprise context. This is all covered by the Qmantic Reporting Suite.

Our powerful data integration services simplifies the process, enabling businesses to seamlessly collect and link tables from multiple sources.

Insights as a Service

Businesses can profit from insights often before they can afford them. However, if they prefer not to develop report creation capabilities in-house, they can utilize our “Insights as a Service”. Also, this service can range from adapting a set of standard dashboards to fully customized reports that are tailored to the specific business model and use case of the customer.

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BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool

Initial Call

Once you reach out to us, we will schedule a call to understand your needs and requirements.

BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool

You get a proposal

Based on your input, we will send you a detailed proposal, including the pricing.

BI cloud - AI Data Analysis Tool


You and your team will be able to test everything before you make a decision.

A man and a woman sitting in front of a Qmantic dashboard, attentively observing the displayed information. The dashboard showcases various data visualizations, charts, and graphs representing key metrics and insights.