The Qmantic Data Solutions Platform has been successfully deployed in various environments to fulfill a wide array of tasks

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Data Solutions for Investors

Qmantic offers efficient Data Solutions for Investors, specifically tailored to the needs of Venture Capitalists and Business Angels. 

By leveraging Qmantic’s technology, investors can automate the process of gathering key performance indicators (KPIs) from their portfolio companies. This streamlines the reporting process, saving valuable time and effort. 

With Qmantic’s data solutions platform, Venture Capitalists and Business Angels can access comprehensive and up-to-date insights into the performance of their portfolio companies. By eliminating manual data collection and standardizing reporting, investors can make more informed decisions and effectively manage their investments.

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Data Solutions for Start-Ups

Qmantic offers cost-effective data solutions tailored specifically for Start-Ups seeking detailed insights and efficient data management. Start-Ups often rely on multiple tools to support their customer acquisition activities, resulting in scattered data that requires consolidation.

Rather than investing in building an in-house business intelligence (BI) team, Start-Ups can leverage Qmantic’s services. Qmantic provides BI services at a fraction of the cost, eliminating the need for extensive investments. 

Qmantic specializes in building data pipelines, creating data warehouses, and developing visualizations, enabling Start-Ups to access comprehensive insights into their numbers. 

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Data Solutions for Saas Startups

Qmantic is aware of the difficulties in data management for SaaS Startups. We specialize in data solutions platform designed specifically for SaaS businesses, providing convenience and flexibility. Our focus is on simplifying data management processes for startups with subscription models, whether monthly or yearly, single product or multiple add-ons, or volume-based pricing.

We transform raw data into meaningful dashboards that showcase industry-standard key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs not only offer valuable insights into your business’s performance but also serve as essential tools when presenting to investors.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual updates. With Qmantic’s advanced automation capabilities, you can leave behind the tedious tasks and allocate your time to analyzing data and gaining valuable insights.

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